Why Scalable Cloud?

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We offer highly secure, globally connected network of Private, Public and Hybrid cloud. Our expertise in automation and management of modern cloud infrastructure helps to secure data in cloud computing environment. From cloud services consultancy, migration to capacity planning and assisting, we offer companies topnotch security and service quality to get complete benefits from their cloud infrastructure.

Our operating model

We are dedicated to deliver cost-effective services that offers best level of performance, time to market, functionality and ease-of-use. Our expertise in cloud consulting services helps organizations leverage the business value and benefits offered by on-demand computing. We help you validate "on the ground" that our cloud consulting service will meet your business needs and ensure that your solution will be deployed.

Our experience

We have solid understanding of cloud technologies and their business operations to implement services in a wide range of industry sectors including financial services, telecom, life sciences and healthcare, Government and SMB enterprises etc. Our expertise in planning, engineering and management of cloud services helps organization to get maximum benefits from cloud.

Our values

Expertise: Gain expertise in cloud services to apply latest best practices
Customer-orientation: Create the best solution with focus on customer requirements
A local operator: World-leading technology and service at your doorstep
Flexibility and reliability: Trusted cloud services provider for global enterprise
Practicality: Inclusive solutions built on long-term functionality


Strategy & Consulting Services

Success in cloud begins with a sound strategy

Cloud Application & Maintenance Services

Effectively operate and innovate using applications management services

Cloud Analytics Services

Turn data into information and information into insights with Big Data, IoT and cloud analytics platform

Managed Services & Support

Get more out of your Scalable Cloud managed cloud services deployment

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